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Here we go, another birthday in the family. And not just any regular birthday – my baby just turned ONE! Of course, such an occasion calls for a very special cake!

On the one hand – been there, done that (my first son is four years old, which means I made my share of kids’ birthday cakes – for him and for some of his friends). On the other hand, it’s the first birthday cake that is going to be featured in this blog and the first to be made since I decided to get serious with my baking and decorating. So, as special as all first birthday cakes are, this one has to be extra special!

Here are some pictures of children-themed birthday cakes I’ve done so far:

Both of the cakes for Gleb’s first birthday (yeah, we celebrated twice) were lady bug-themed as you can see. Well, he was born in April, so it was season-appropriate I guess. Bogdan’s birthday is in the end of October, so for his big day I want to do something fall-themed. My first thought was Halloween (how cool would that be!!), but it’s probably not quite right for the first birthday. Well, maybe next year… or the one after that. Apart from that, I just played free associations with myself: Fall, Leaves, Mushrooms, Nuts… Bingo! A fall basket with mushrooms, leaves and nuts!

OK, I had my idea, where do I go with it? Google, of course! I tried to find some basket cakes, here are a couple of my inspirations:

None of the cakes I found were fall-themed though. So, this must mean mine will be original! I decided to make a Russian Layered Honey Cake and do a basket weave with Dulce de Leche buttercream (I’ll put both recipes up the next chance I get).

Next, I need something to put into my basket: leaves, nuts and mushrooms. The plan is to make leaves out of fondant (I have quite a bit of that stuff in the fridge), and cookies for nuts and mushrooms. Nuts I’ve done before, I have a special machine for that, so this is going to be easy.


As for mushrooms, I had to look for a recipe on the internet. I found one that used meringue for a stem and a chocolate covered cookie for a top – so that’s what I’m going to use!

Off to the kitchen I go!!!


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