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Here we go, another birthday in the family. And not just any regular birthday – my baby just turned ONE! Of course, such an occasion calls for a very special cake!

On the one hand – been there, done that (my first son is four years old, which means I made my share of kids’ birthday cakes – for him and for some of his friends). On the other hand, it’s the first birthday cake that is going to be featured in this blog and the first to be made since I decided to get serious with my baking and decorating. So, as special as all first birthday cakes are, this one has to be extra special!

Here are some pictures of children-themed birthday cakes I’ve done so far:

Both of the cakes for Gleb’s first birthday (yeah, we celebrated twice) were lady bug-themed as you can see. Well, he was born in April, so it was season-appropriate I guess. Bogdan’s birthday is in the end of October, so for his big day I want to do something fall-themed. My first thought was Halloween (how cool would that be!!), but it’s probably not quite right for the first birthday. Well, maybe next year… or the one after that. Apart from that, I just played free associations with myself: Fall, Leaves, Mushrooms, Nuts… Bingo! A fall basket with mushrooms, leaves and nuts!

OK, I had my idea, where do I go with it? Google, of course! I tried to find some basket cakes, here are a couple of my inspirations:

None of the cakes I found were fall-themed though. So, this must mean mine will be original! I decided to make a Russian Layered Honey Cake and do a basket weave with Dulce de Leche buttercream (I’ll put both recipes up the next chance I get).

Next, I need something to put into my basket: leaves, nuts and mushrooms. The plan is to make leaves out of fondant (I have quite a bit of that stuff in the fridge), and cookies for nuts and mushrooms. Nuts I’ve done before, I have a special machine for that, so this is going to be easy.


As for mushrooms, I had to look for a recipe on the internet. I found one that used meringue for a stem and a chocolate covered cookie for a top – so that’s what I’m going to use!

Off to the kitchen I go!!!


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Yep, that’s me! It’s been so crazy that I had absolutely no time to post here (excuses, excuses… I know). I do have something to write home about though, so read up!

Well, it’s already full-blown fall here and it makes me hungry for baking. Especially for the sweet and spicy stuff. And for pumpkin (I love pumpkin for it’s cheerful nature and ultimate versatility – you can do absolutely whatever with it and it always comes out great!) I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving here in Germany by baking a Pumpkin Pie (sorry, no pictures, but in my defence it doesn’t look as great as it tastes) and some Pumpkin Muffins.

I found both recipes on the Internet, which slowly becomes my cookbook of choice. The recipe for Pumpkin Muffins is from another blog (how appropriate!)

We had so much going on these last couple of weeks, that I had several other opportunities to practice my baking and even some decorating. One reason to make a cake was my older son’s new bed. He grew out of his old one (which was actually a converted crib), but because of our temporary status here in Germany we didn’t want to buy such a bulky (and not cheap) piece of furniture. Well, while browsing our local Kijiji, I came across an ad by a young girl offering a perfect loft bed to be adopted into a good home. Of course, we took it and my son was (and, two weeks later, still is) on the seventh heaven. The least I could do to express his and our gratitude was to bake her a gift. Here it is:


It was a chocolate buttercake with raspberry italian meringue buttercream filling – brown-pink inside and out. That was my second attempt at fondant-covered cake, and I must say I need more practice. Here’s the first attempt (a cake made for our friends’ wedding – as a gift, not an actual wedding cake – I’m not as far advanced yet). 


This one was a carrot cake with white chocolate cream cheese filling. It was a big mistake to put it under the fondant; it didn’t hold up well at all – the fondant started melting from inside and it finally cracked and partially slid off the cake when we were transporting it to the wedding site. Gee, was I happy it wasn’t an actual wedding cake! The bride was still very impressed and said it tasted great (we didn’t stay long enough to try it).
Well, here’s the last picture for today:
Because we didn’t get to try the chocolate-raspberry cake either (with it being a gift and all), I made some cake squares for us and our friends to enjoy. Actually, I still had some buttercream left over from a gift cake and I wanted to try a new recipe for a chocolate cake itself. Because leftover cream was only barely enough to fill one layer, I made some raspberry filling using frozen raspberries to fill another layer. The top was just sprinkled with cocoa powder and each small square cake was decorated with a small fondant flower. They looked cute, tasted even better and everyone loved them!  

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