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I love cheesecake. As simple as that. Any kind (well, home-baked prefered, but I even enjoy an occasional Sara Lee), any flavour, anytime. I’m sure, I’m not the only one.

Just yesterday, I baked one for today’s brunch with my girlfriends. It was a Mocha Cherry Cheesecake with a ganache topping. It came out of the oven so pretty and perfect and that was when my brain shut down. Somehow I thought it would be ok if I removed the sides of my spring-pan – well, now I know it was a BAD idea! The thing is, I baked the cheesecake in a steam bad (wrapping the cake pan in foil and putting it in a bigger pan with water in it). It usually gives you a very tender cheesecake with mousse-like texture, but it also means that the cheesecake doesn’t really bake through. When I took the sides of the pan off, the top of the cake cracked and the filling puddled on the counter. I’m not gonna tell you which words I used to loudly proclaim my own stupidity, but let me tell you they weren’t pretty (thank God my kids were asleep!) I thought the cake was ruined.

On the other hand, there was nothing to lose by trying to salvage the situation, so I put the sides of the pan back on, and scooped the filling from the counter (I swear, it was über-clean!!!) back in the pan. I then put the cake back in the oven (without the water this time around), and baked it again. After that, I cooled the cake and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, I put the ganache on top of the cheesecake and prayed to all the cake gods that what I had was still edible!

Surprise, surprise – the cheesecake was ok! It was more than ok, it was great. In fact, you couldn’t tell there was anything wrong with it, and my girls thought I was kidding when I told them the story. But, because of the incident, I didn’t trust myself to take a picture of a “spoiled” cheesecake (although it looked allright also). After I realized the cake wasn’t ruined at all, it was too late for a full photo-session, but I managed to salvage the last piece to take a picture 🙂

Mocha Cherry Cheesecake

Mocha Cherry Cheesecake

Moral of the story: if something goes wrong – don’t panic. It may look like a total miss, but don’t give up! Try to do what you can with what you have. Chances are, even if the cake doesn’t turn out perfect, it will still be delicious!

All this talk about cheesecakes made me wonder if there’s such thing as a cheesecake wedding cake (seriously, why not? I haven’t met a person in my life who didn’t like cheesecake) I did some search and found out that, even if it’s not the easiest to decorate and it spoils more easily than other types of cake, it’s not impossible to have a cheesecake wedding cake!

Here is the link to the discussion of making and decorating a cheesecake for a wedding.

Well, I’m trying that the next wedding I can!


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Yep, that’s me! It’s been so crazy that I had absolutely no time to post here (excuses, excuses… I know). I do have something to write home about though, so read up!

Well, it’s already full-blown fall here and it makes me hungry for baking. Especially for the sweet and spicy stuff. And for pumpkin (I love pumpkin for it’s cheerful nature and ultimate versatility – you can do absolutely whatever with it and it always comes out great!) I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving here in Germany by baking a Pumpkin Pie (sorry, no pictures, but in my defence it doesn’t look as great as it tastes) and some Pumpkin Muffins.

I found both recipes on the Internet, which slowly becomes my cookbook of choice. The recipe for Pumpkin Muffins is from another blog (how appropriate!)

We had so much going on these last couple of weeks, that I had several other opportunities to practice my baking and even some decorating. One reason to make a cake was my older son’s new bed. He grew out of his old one (which was actually a converted crib), but because of our temporary status here in Germany we didn’t want to buy such a bulky (and not cheap) piece of furniture. Well, while browsing our local Kijiji, I came across an ad by a young girl offering a perfect loft bed to be adopted into a good home. Of course, we took it and my son was (and, two weeks later, still is) on the seventh heaven. The least I could do to express his and our gratitude was to bake her a gift. Here it is:


It was a chocolate buttercake with raspberry italian meringue buttercream filling – brown-pink inside and out. That was my second attempt at fondant-covered cake, and I must say I need more practice. Here’s the first attempt (a cake made for our friends’ wedding – as a gift, not an actual wedding cake – I’m not as far advanced yet). 


This one was a carrot cake with white chocolate cream cheese filling. It was a big mistake to put it under the fondant; it didn’t hold up well at all – the fondant started melting from inside and it finally cracked and partially slid off the cake when we were transporting it to the wedding site. Gee, was I happy it wasn’t an actual wedding cake! The bride was still very impressed and said it tasted great (we didn’t stay long enough to try it).
Well, here’s the last picture for today:
Because we didn’t get to try the chocolate-raspberry cake either (with it being a gift and all), I made some cake squares for us and our friends to enjoy. Actually, I still had some buttercream left over from a gift cake and I wanted to try a new recipe for a chocolate cake itself. Because leftover cream was only barely enough to fill one layer, I made some raspberry filling using frozen raspberries to fill another layer. The top was just sprinkled with cocoa powder and each small square cake was decorated with a small fondant flower. They looked cute, tasted even better and everyone loved them!  

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Today I started to familiarize myself with gumpaste techniques (mostly on YouTube – a great resource for anything, at least at the beginning). I am not as much a fondant/gumpaste kind of person as I prefer decorations that people actually eat (and although both fondant and gumpaste are theoretically edible, I’ve never met a person who thought they were tasty or appetising), but I still think any cake decorator should be able to make a gumpaste flower arrangement. 

My Wilton flower making set is in the mail (got it on eBay from the US, so it’s going to take a little while). Here’s what it looks like:

OK, I’m out of time for now, but I’ll try to find a minute later to tell you about some of my great books on baking and cake decorating.

Blog to you later!

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So, you stumbled upon this little blog (or more realistically were invited by myself) and probably wondering what the heck it’s all about. Guess what, that makes two of us! I’m absolutely clueless as to how this is supposed to work, but I’ll try my best to keep you from yawning.

But wait, where are my manners? First of all, let me introduce myself. Hi! I’m Marta– a 30-year-old mother of two boys, wife to a theoretical physicist and a poet (in case you were wondering, it’s the same person, but with many talents), and aspiring pastry chef slash cake decorator. I have many hobbies (too many, actually), but I finally decided to try and make one of them into a real occupation. And, I guess, for the large part this is what this blog is going to be about.

Tastefully Sweet is what I decided to call my business (if it ever gets that far). I put a lot of thought into the name, trying to make it reflect what I think baking and caking should be about. First of all, I religiously believe that a cake (any cake) should be delicious! And, although the look and design of the cake is very important, the taste should never be sacrificed to looks. So, my task as a baker and cake decorator (is there such word as caker? there should be!) is to find the way to make a cake both beautiful (tastefully decorated) and scrumptious (or tastefull). Last, but not least, too sweet (both in taste and presentation) is not my style, hence tastefully sweet.

Just to make it a little more interesting, here are some of my cakes:

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